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Think back to the last time you were on a diet... Remember everyone watching what you ate? The grapefruits, pre-packaged (obviously labeled) frozen (or suspended animation) TV dinners, homemade diet soup(s), powdered drink mixes, etc… You just knew those people were pointing, talking about you behind your back, saying, "Oh, look! She's on another diet, and this time..." blah, blah, blah...

But now that you're on The Don't Diet Or Exercise System - what will they think when they see you eating at your favorite restaurants, junk food and chocolate? They'd never guess you could possibly be on a diet. Nonetheless, if you follow the simple rules, your excess pounds will continue to drop.

Nobody makes fun of a weight loser on The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, although they may become jealous and ask: "How did you do it?" because they, too, would like to eat all the foods that they love, lose weight and be healthy.

There is certainly no negative diet stigma related to those who embrace the - Chocolate Weight Loss Diet - in fact, it is the-diet that an overweight America has been craving, err... waiting for.

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