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Stop Dieting!

How many, "diets" are there? I do know that my wife and I have been on just under a hundred diets, and I'm certain that number barely scratches the surface. And guess what? For every diet, there is some "expert" who tells us this or that particular diet is unsafe, unhealthy, or does not work.

The proven truth of the matter is simply that, in the long run, diets do not work. Although, some diets may have limited results, they do not achieve permanent weight loss.

Less than 1% of all dieters achieves their weight loss goals and maintains their weight over an extended period of time. However, every diet program or system has its own statistics, its creators claiming theirs is the best deal in town. These statistics are achieved in deceitful ways; usually by using individuals supervised by doctors or statisticians who clinically review statistics of weight-losing people, as well as mice or other lab animals, under the strictest of pre-set conditions.

How many times have you heard someone touting a weight loss of 31 pounds in a week? The last time I did, was on an episode of "The Biggest Loser." And let's face it: "The Biggest Loser" is not real-life. But the folks supervising that "reality show" weight-losing event, under those conditions, can spout some impressive temporary statistics.

According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 90% of dieters regain their lost weight within five years. And then they are faced with repeating the diet cycle again to lose the weight gained. As many diets restrict certain foods, this leaves your body craving what it is being denied, setting you up for failure from the start.

If you've experimented with as many diet programs as Shelley and I have, over the years you'll see that some people experience better results with one diet over another. This is not due to any diet system being the best; it merely demonstrates just how different are each of our own body systems.

Each specific diet is only designed to work well with the physiology of a ten percent segment of the overall population. Since we are all different, our bodies react to foods and nutrients differently. We suggest that you use the information shown here to design the perfect food-consumption lifestyle that will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals and maintenance.

Many scientific persuasions attempt to categorize successful weight loss and maintenance via body types, blood types, measurements, personalities, even by your Zodiac sign (that's right, by horoscope). No matter the criteria used, time and again the results only prove true for about 1% of the populace.

If any one system were to prove true for everyone - that would be "The Diet" - and the end of the diet craze once and for all.

The fact is, diets are counter-productive. They cause our bodies to cannibalize lean muscle mass. They rob our physiology of the energy that it needs to perform optimally and burn fat effectively. Worst of all, diets make what you do eat, even more fattening!

So, when you read about statistics that say '90% success rate' or other significantly spun statistic, you should know better. When it comes down to real life stats, diets only work for less than 1%. And that percentage will never increase.

Strange as it sounds, the fact that diets don't work is what leads to their success. Any diet program leads to the next: "Serial Dieting." Those of us who suffer from Serial Dieting help feed the vicious cycle of weight loss/weight gain, on which sits the success of the diet industry.

It is time for you to take a stand and stop dieting and start achieving weight loss and maintaining your weight goals through a lifestyle that you can live with!

Dieting is one of the worst things you can do to your body. You say, "Wait-a-minute, the movie stars do it." Yes, it's true. They do. But should they? The folks who cast for motion pictures and magazine covers should be charged with an illegal act. I'm just barely joking. It should be a crime to parade anorexic-looking bags of skin and bones around in the media, with the intent of expecting us normal folk to believe that this sets the standard for beauty.

This is not to say that being slender, or fit and trim, is not beautiful. But if the facts were known, you would find that many of these pathetic individuals go on diets that represent little more than total starvation prior to filming or photo shoots.

In between projects, you will see them quite normal looking, sporting a few extra pounds often dressing to cover up the specifics.

Dieting is only effective in achieving short-term weight loss. The longer you diet, the more your health degenerates. That's why models, etc., don't do it all the time. If they don't ruin their health completely, hopefully, these misguided souls will be around long enough to enjoy a full life.

Not all actresses or models can afford the high-tech means of achieving the necessary weight loss required prior to their next project, so they go on crash diets that they get from others in their business, like eating little more than lettuce leaves and dill pickles and drinking bottled water. A diet like that is a disaster to health, to say the least.

Of the weight loss tips that I picked up from movie star dieters, a particularly bizarre idea was to buy a candy bar that you love, throw away the candy bar, but keep the wrapper and sniff it periodically throughout the day.

Another one was to eat whatever you want, but don't swallow it. That's right. Chew it up to enjoy the taste; then spit it out!

Movie star dieting ranges from starvation, to weight loss drugs, to a stay in a high-priced private fat farm. In other words, "fast", get high, and/or hire a personal trainer who works you like a dog, and a chef who serves up low-calorie meals with little or no nutritional value. Can you live like that? Yes, but not for long.

Other Hollywood weight loss vices include both prescription and non-prescription drugs that cannibalize lean muscle mass to achieve weight loss.

Whenever you mention that you're overweight or that you would like to shed some extra pounds that you've been carrying around, the usual answer is simple: Diet and Exercise.

Have you ever noticed that even diet drugs, promoted like the dickens via vast media campaigns, all say something like, "With our product and diet and exercise, you can lose weight…"

Is it just me who sits back and laughs, so as to say, "If I'm going to diet and exercise, then what's the point of buying your product?"

We all know that we can lose weight by adjusting our diet (what we eat) and exercise (that some of us find hard to do).

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