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Weight losers on The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System are encouraged to eat anything they want including fast food from their favorite fast food restaurants.

Ever since Jared lost 250 pounds by eating exclusively at Subway, we learned that all fast food is not neccesarily bad for us. Since then, we have seen other people lose weight via fast food, "diets." Chris Coleson lost 80 pounds eating nothing but McDonalds - though he chose to eat smartly, unlike Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame, who ate every item on the menu.

Although it is rediculous to go on a diet that is restricted to one fast food purveyor, it makes perfect sense to select menu items with your svelte-brain engaged when ordering while maintaining your weight loss goals.

Since you can lose weight eating anything that you want on The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System, no menu item is off-limits, but some menu items make more sense than others, if your goal is to maintain a regular rate of healthy weight loss.

You've seen the weight loss articles featuring variations of The Fast Food Diet spattered throughout the magazine stands. The authors armed with fast food nutritional information simply group together the proper number of calories from the data that they have available.

Thanks to The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System, you will be armed with the same information that the magazine authors use as you learn these techniques that will empower you to design your own weight loss system - that includes eating at your choice of fast food restaurants!

We've also included menu information from some fast food restaurants for you to use as inspiration, like, Arby's, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Dairy Queen, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's, Sonic, Subway, Taco bell, Wendy's and Wienerschnitzel.

The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System is not a diet book. We are helping you to customize your lifestyle to something you can live with for the rest of your healthier, slimmer life.

Learn the facts, and start thinking for yourself. Then go forward with confidence to achieve inproved health through your own weight loss and maintenance program.

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