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Weight losers on The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System are encouraged to eat anything they want, as we resist the temptation to use fad diets.

Naturally thin people don't chart out every morsel of food that they eat. They simply eat what they want when they are hungry and stop eating when they when their hunger is satisfied. Learn what goes on in the brain of a naturally thin person and emulate that thought process.

For whatever reason, we've lost the ability to know when we've had enough to eat.

The key is in understanding how thin people think. And then, "acting," as if this is the way that you think. If you act as if you are a thin person, you'll not only start to think like a thin person, but you will realize that you, too, can be a thin person.

For example, a thin person may eat one-and-one-half pieces of pizza. That's right. Thaey stop midway through the second slice because their hunger is satisfied. Hard for us to believe, but true. They are not compelled to, "clean their plate."

The thin person enjoys eating whatever foods they crave, while being mindful of what constitutes an adequate serving size. They may satisfy their craving with a small piece of cake, witout having to over-indulge.

Thin people don't reward themselves with food. How often do you congratulate yourself for any reason by going out to dinner, or eating a tub of ice cream? Find other non-food-related ways to reward yourself.

Think like thin person thinks - not like a fashion model thinks! I met a cover model for lunch. I went through the line stacking items on my tray. By the time we got to the end of the line, she had an apple and a bottle of water. That's it! (Not a good example to follow.)

Thin people do not always eat healthy. I used to meet Tom (a thin friend of mine) for lunch regularly. He would eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's and a container of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts nuts for lunch. I joined-in and started to watch the pounds pile on.

Tom was thin, I was eating like Tom, so I should be thin, right? Then, I asked Tom what he ate every day. Come to find out, he was on the Ben & Jerry's/chocolate-covered-macadamia and Top Ramen diet. That's all he ate all day! A Tub of Ben & Jerry's and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts for lunch, and a bowl of Top Ramen noodles for dinner! (I haven't seen him for many years... I wonder how he eats now?)

Naturally thin people do not starve themselves. They eat regularly and sensibly. Starvation, or "crash" diets, are to be avoided.

Naturally thin people are thoughtful, but less frugal about what they eat. Naturally thin people gravitate toward higher quality foods that are normally associated with greater monetary expense - and they are not afraid to discard the excess.

Do thin people overeat? Yes, they do, occassionally. But when they overeat, they stop eating for a while, then eat a smaller meal to follow up their overindulgence.

Naturally thin people are self-confident, have a positive outlook on life and its associated circumstances. They are emotionally sound, happy, enjoy life, have positive relationships with their family and peers. Thin folks often exercise without exercising. They take the stairs, don't drive around waiting for the closest parking spot to open up and generally find more opportunities to move, increasing their activity.

You, too could begin thinking like a thin person by getting your copy of The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System and start thinking as a naturally thin person thinks, enjoying the health and weight loss benefits of your becoming a thin person.

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